ESI 48-Key - Button Remote IP Feature Phone (VoIP)

esi 48 button VoIP Feature Phone

ESI 48-Key Remote IP Feature Phone

The ESI 48-Key Remote IP Feature Phone A special version of the IP Feature Phone that works from a broadband-equipped remote location (such as your home or a small satellite office) just as if it were on the regular phone system at your main office. In fact, this one’s so special that we’ve given it a section of its own here on the ESI Web site.

The ESI 48-Key Feature Phone is ideal for most active phone users. Its large display and 30 programmable feature keys help you achieve maximum productivity. And, if you need even more programmable keys, it’s easy to connect the optional 60-Key Expansion Console to give you a total of 90 programmable feature keys.

ESI 48 Button Feature Phone Key Features:

IVX X-Class [when IP-enabled]
IVX E-Class [when IP-enabled]
IP E-Class.

Programmable keys: 30 [up to 150 with optional Expansion Consoles attached].
VOICE MAIL key: Yes; dedicated.
HELP key: Yes; dedicated.
Display: Three-line, 56-character.
Speaker: Yes. Speakerphone: Yes.
Integrated headphone jack: Yes.


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