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Using proper phone systems, Columbia businesses can effectively communicate their message. Using features within the phone system, such as call forwarding, find me follow me and call recording give today's businesses an edge of their competition. Employing call center phone systems, Columbia businesses can automatically dial outgoing calls and process incoming calls, saving both time and money. With VoIP phone systems, Columbia businesses communicate over an internet connection. Staying in touch with current and potential customers over more advanced types of phone systems, Columbia businesses can maintain and grow their client base. The particular phone system Columbia businesses use may change the way they operate.

At first look, it may seem the only features on phone systems Columbia businesses have available are answering calls, hold and call transfer, as well as lines; but this is only a start. Columbia businesses can also take advantage of call-forwarding, call-waiting and call-screening features. As equally important features of their phone systems, Columbia businesses can benefit from voicemail, internet voicemail, message-alert and on-hold music functions. Email integration with name, fax detection, find me follow me, distribution lists and line queuing capabilities may also prove important features of an effective Columbia business phone system. Using VoIP, virtual PBX and cloud PBX phone systems, Columbia businesses can connect multiple office locations with mobile employees through a single phone system. These faxing, call-handling, messaging and auto-receptionist features create a seamless communications system whose features Columbia businesses can use in everyday operations.

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By including toll-free business numbers on their phone systems, Columbia businesses can attract more out-of-area business by saving current and potential customers long distance calling fees. Call-screening features can also avoid wasting time on unimportant calls, or avoid answering calls inefficiently, by evaluating call characteristics before deciding whether or how to answer. By using message-alert features on their phone systems, Columbia businesses can improve workflow by notifying business personnel of new fax or voicemail messages as they arrive. Using music on hold, auto attendant and last number redial may also improve workflow by avoiding delays and logistical problems inherent in physical document delivery. Auto-receptionist equipped phone systems Columbia businesses use work around the clock, without down-time or overload. By routing these call-handling, voicemail, message-alert and electronic fax features through an auto-receptionist via local, mobile and toll-free numbers, Columbia businesses can improve their overall workflow and, therefore, their profit.

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As integral parts of their phone systems, Columbia businesses should be sure to include or add local, mobile, and toll-free numbers, as well as dedicated fax lines, in order to reach nearby customers, as well as those at a distance, and to stay in contact with them while business personnel are on the go. Many Columbia businesses should also consider adding call-forwarding, call-waiting and call screening features, as they greatly improve an active business's ability to communicate. Phone systems Columbia businesses ultimately prefer have taken into account the business's need for voicemail, internet voicemail, message-alert and on-hold music features, in order to avoid missing calls and messages. External transfer features may be suitable to a Columbia business--whether using call transfer, call forward or off-premise notification—may also be important, depending on the business's need for mobility. In deciding whether to add VoIP, virtual PBX and/or cloud PBX services to their phone systems, Columbia businesses should consider whether connecting multiple office locations with mobile employees would improve their business operations. Considering how remote monitoring, call-handling and messaging features, and routing them all through an auto-receptionist to bring office and mobile personnel together, is an important step toward bettering a Columbia business.

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