Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems and Options for your Business

Enclair offers several types of business Phone systems. We have products ranging from Nortel, ESI, Avaya and we service many others. No matter what your company needs for it's business system, you now have options. We support applications ranging from voice mail systems, computer-telephony integration (CTI) applications, call accounting systems, plus other computer IP networking solutions.

What are your Business Phone & Phone System concerns?

Your business Phone system concerns will change frequently, it's important to use a system with a long history of advancement in technology.

What is a Business Phone System?

A Business Phone System is noted for it's expandability and having individual line selection buttons for each connected phone, this allows for multi-line control for several to several hundred employees. Many phone system of have features of a private branch exchange such as intercoms, voice mail and call capabilities that ensure smoother work flow between company staff.

Business Phone System Network Assessment and Analysis

Our VoIP Network Services and research will provide information on how services, carriers and ISPs are deploying/developing to generate enhanced Quality of Services (QoS).This includes IP VPN, IP telephony, IP video and managed network services. Enclair will also help examine the any IP products, carriers, network system integrators and ISPs that may help streamline your business.

What are you looking for in your Business Phone System?

The best choice for your company will be a phone system that delivers the most value for your organizations needs. A system that offers functions and features that are easy to use and easy to learn. A simple user friendly system will always make the trasition much easier for your employees.

Phone System Summary
Be careful, there are several differences in business Phone systems, make sure to take your time and compare. It's important to understand your features and what you are getting for your value. More imprtantly, in our industry... name reconigntion means everything. It's easy to produce a phone system, but Enclair has made very careful choices to make sure the business Phone systems we sell and install are only from industry leaders.


ESI Phone Systems

Nortel Phone Systems

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