ESI Bluetooth Technology

The mobility that Bluetooth® technology provides and the power of your ESI Communications Server have been combined to improve your productivity. Two ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration products offer unique capabilities to make you more efficient:

ESI Cellular Management lets you manage your cell phone calls along with your normal business calls, all from your desktop phone.

The ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface lets you use any compatible Bluetooth headset with your ESI 48-Key Feature Phone.
The best of both worlds.

Busy professionals who frequently take business calls on a cell phone while in the office now can enjoy the convenience of taking those calls on an ESI 48-Key Feature Phone. ESI Cellular Management eliminates the awkwardness and loud interruptions caused by cell phone use in the office. Simplify your life with this compact Access Device that directs incoming cell calls to your desktop phone.* Cell calls are handled by the ESI Communications Server just like any other call, so you can get all the advantages and standard ESI features of your office phone system — features like call forwarding, call transfer, conferencing, live call recording, and more.

Here are just a few of the ways ESI Cellular Management can simplify your business communications when in the office:

Make and take your cell phone calls on an ESI 48-Key Feature Phone.
Route unanswered cell calls to ESI’s advanced voice mail, or leave them on the cellular carrier’s voice mail — whichever best suits your needs.
Enjoy improved call coverage by routing cell calls to a department or group mailbox.
Access your cell phone’s voice-dialing feature directly from your desktop phone.
Share access to your cell phone minutes with others in your office and save money by fully utilizing your cellular calling plan.
ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface.

Headsets ESI has tested with this product:

Jawbone (original)
— Explorer 340
— Voyager 925 and 520
Samsung WEP200
Motorola H700
Cardo Scalia 700
Jabra BT2020 and BT8040

Don’t be tied down by wired headsets. The ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface lets you “pair” a standard Bluetooth headset with an ESI 48-Key Feature Phone, so you can seamlessly answer, originate, and terminate phone calls directly from the headset. Using ESI’s integrated interface, you get all the standard headset features available on the ESI Communications Server, plus the mobility of Bluetooth. Don’t hassle with expensive add-on devices like headset lifters. Let the ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface give you the freedom to achieve a higher level of productivity.


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