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IVX C Plus Class Executive

Loaded with advanced capabilities yet amazingly easy to use, ESI’s patented IVX C-Class (IVX stands for Integrated Voice Exchange) All-In-One Digital Phone System gives your small business the power to present your most professional side to your customers. IVX C-Class combines multiple first-rate, feature-rich systems into one tightly integrated unit:

IVX C Class Business phone system

IVX C Class Voice messaging choices:

Entry-level model
(for businesses that don’t need voice mail)
Full-featured voice mail
(includes auto attendant)
Verbal User Guide™ (friendly spoken help)
Enhanced Caller ID*

IVX C-Class accepts two different models of ESI Digital Feature Phones. (Shown above: 24-Key Digital Feature Phone.) Each is a compact, attractive addition to any desk and will simplify your business communications. Its display is large and easy to read; and the dedicated function keys (so you don’t have to memorize codes) give you more ease of use.

The IVX C-Class All-In-One Digital Phone System is an easy choice over other phone systems in its class. Its ease of use and feature-richness reduces staff frustrations, increases productivity and enhances your business’s image. And IVX’s unique integration provides efficiency and cost savings previously impossible.


ESI Phone Systems

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