Nortel Norstar Compact ICS - CICS

Designed for growing businesses, the Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System (CICS) offers from 4 to 8 lines and 8 to 24 telephone extensions. It supports all Norstar and Business Series telephones, including fully-featured digital functions with LCD and soft keys. Easily add Norstar applications, such as voice mail, automated attendant, computer telephony integration (CTI), and automatic call distribution (ACD)

nortel compact ics cics

Nortel Norstar Compact ICS - CICS Features

A flexible building-block design expands with your business easily and cost-effectively.
Grows from a 4x8 to an 8x24 capacity.
Voice mail, automated attendant, telephone and computer telephony integration (CTI) support.
Easily add enhancements as business needs change.
Supports all Norstar and Business Series Terminals.
Key popular features include:

  • Integrated Automated Attendant
  • Calling Line Identification (CLID)
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) for remote dial-in
  • Auto Daylight Savings Time
  • Paging
  • Music on Hold
  • Automatic Set Relocation
  • Toll Restriction
  • Benefits

High bandwidth to the desktop — lets you use applications like BRI ISDN and Computer Telephony Integration without changing your existing wiring.
Modular, scalable design:

Nortel Norstar Compact ICS - CICS is the industry standard for phone systems.

Lets you choose the options that fit your needs today, and still be ready for the future.
Increase system size with expansion cartridges.

Tailor your communication capabilities to your company's changing needs simply by adding applications.
Digital technology — creates a platform for current and future PC-based applications. Special software packages can distribute calls, track billable activity, and even generate reports on incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
Outstanding quality — ensures that Norstar is one of the most durable and reliable key systems available, with one of the lowest failure rates in the industry.

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Whether you have a Nortel Norstar or ESI Phone System we have the expertise to help you. If you are relocating your business and need your phone system relocated, call us, we can have you up and running with out dropping a single call.

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